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WP_20140329_068Kristie Patton 

Hi, my name is Kristie Patton and I have been in the Princess Party industry for almost 10 years now! It all started in Dallas, where we moved to when we first got married and had our 4 children… Katelynn is 14, Kylee is 13, Will is 9, and Zach is 6. I am actually very proud to have been born and raised in Oklahoma though:)  But while living in Dallas, when my girls were about 3 and 4 years old, they were in love with anything and everything princess. It was then that I began searching for what I was going to do to have a very special princess party for them. So, what did I do…found a princess party business in a magazine and hired a princess! After the party, my husband gave me some encouraging words on how I should get in the business and be a part of making dreams come true for other children too! So that is where it started!  I became a princess and did princess parties there for 5 years. Five years ago, we moved back to Oklahoma (Yay!!!) And I have been doing princess parties with My Princess Party here ever since! I truly enjoy being a part of making dreams come true!



DSC_3276-Edit-3-1Donegan Moore
Hello! My name is Donegan Moore and I am a Junior at Oklahoma City University double majoring in Theatre Performance and Music as a soprano vocalist. I’ve been studying music, dance, and acting for many years having graduated from high school at Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts. Performing is my passion and what I do best and I have been fortunate enough to perform for several young audiences. Disney princesses have always been so inspiring, teaching me to never give up on my dreams, I am so thankful that I can be a part of that process and to help make your child’s dreams come true.



Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 6.56.57 PMTiaunna Baker 
Hello! My name is Tiaunna Baker I am a high school student at Southmoore High school. Disney Princesses and little kids have always been something I adored. It brings me such joy to see little kids faces light up and see their bright little smiles. When I saw Queen Elsa come to my 3 year old baby sister’s party, I knew this was something that fit me perfectly! It has always been my dream to be a princess and now I get to be one and bring joy to all the kids I meet. I would be honored to come to your child’s party and make their dreams come true!




securedownloadAlexis Kelley  

Hi there! I’m Alexis Carol-Dawn Kelley. I am currently working towards a dance major at University of Central Oklahoma.  I tutor small children and teach ballet. I live on a farm where I take care of my garden, chickens, and horses. Loving and taking care of animals makes me feel just like Cinderella!.  Becoming apart of this princess company has allowed some of my childhood dreams of being a princess come alive.






Jenna Ryan

Hi my name is Jenna Ryan; I am seventeen years old and a senior at Yukon High School. I can remember growing up being completely in love with anything Disney. I remember receiving an Ariel costume from my grandmother when I was about six years old and I never took it off. I have been blessed to be cast as Belle in Beauty and the Beast two years ago through my high school and Jo in Little Women this past year. Besides theatre Iam involved in publications as one of three editors of our nationally recognized yearbook and OMEA’s number one choir in the state of Oklahoma.  I am one of six children, so I have grown up loving spending time around anyone and everyone. Kids are so much fun and I am so blessed to be able to make your child’s party the most magical moment ever!



photo-3Chyann Cypert

Hi! My name is Chyann Cypert. I am 17 years old and attend Yukon High School. I was a competitive gymnast for 14 years and recently started cheering for my school and for a competitive team. I also run track and cross country. I plan to pursue a career in pediatrics after college. I have always loved playing dress up and pretending to be a princess! It’s so exciting to get to do so for little children and make their birthday wishes come true!





matthew cook headshot

Matthew Cook

Hi!  I’m Matthew and I am a Dance Performance Major at Oklahoma City University.  I have been dancing, singing, and acting for over 6 years now and I love performing.  I have always loved Disney and Marvel Comics.  Those characters and movies have always been and will always be a big part of me and I have always wanted to be one of them!  Working with My Princess Party is an amazing opportunity to do that while making your child’s party an amazing experience that will hopefully stay with them for a long time.  I am very excited to help make your child’s magical dreams come true!





Noel_Delano_Pageant-086 Noel Delano

Hi!  My name is Noel Delano.  I am a senior at Edmond Memorial High School and I also attend the University of Central Oklahoma.  In my spare time I enjoy knitting and volunteering at Special Care and the Animal Shelter.  I previously worked at Camelot Daycare so I love working with kids!  I truly love my job as a Princess and I cannot wait to make your child’s special day one to remember!






sydney ore headshot

Sydney Ore

Hi! My name is Sydney and I am a senior Public Relations major at the University of Oklahoma. Working with children comes second nature to me as I have been a part-time nanny, a caretaker at a daycare and am currently a teachers’ assistant in a special education classroom. I have a passion for entertaining and have been in various plays and musicals (even as Cinderella once in ‘Into the Woods’!). Disney has always been a major part of my life as I adore the message of hope, believing in your dreams and love. Working with you to create a magical experience for your princess or prince would be a tremendous honor for me and would be a moment they will never forget!





Travis Stewart

Hey, I’m Travis. I’m a news photographer for a TV station in OKC. I’m an army brat so I grew up all over the country. I’ve always been interested in drama and acting so my parents made sure there was a place for me to do that wherever my dad was stationed in the army. I’m also a huge nerd and love dressing up as my favorite super heroes for Halloween or comic book conventions. When my station did a story about this company I knew it was something I had to get involved in. I love comic books and super heroes and I love how excited all the kids get when I show up as their favorite character. I know it’s a lot of power to be a super hero for you child’s party but a wise man once said “With great power comes great responsibility”.





Luke Holt

Lucas Holt grew up with the big three: Batman, Spiderman, and the Ninja Turtles.  As an adult he has grown to appreciate the morals and ideals these legendary characters inspire in their audiences. He has always had a passion for children, youth, and education, and towards that end has worked with daycares, youth groups, and private students. His first experience in the Theatre came when he was cast in Monkey Magic with the Edmond Children’s theatre at the tender age of seven, and he’s been enamored with performing since he could speak.  He studied Theatre Performance at OSU for a few years before eventually graduating from UCO with a Bachelor’s Degree in English.  Now he regularly performs with The Flat Land Band ( in Oklahoma City on the weekends, along with acting in local commercials and taking small parts in box office movies.  He is humbled by the opportunity to inspire young people to follow their dreams and become all they are capable of being, which in reality is not that different from the superheroes they grew up with.





Jacquelyn Hooper










Andrea Liggett










Brittany McClanahan








Hallie Schmidt









Angelina Brower










Shendra Stevens







Valerie Prytkova

My name is Valerie Prytkova, and I am currently a senior at Edmond Memorial High School. In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano, volunteering at local hospitals, and spending time with CHILDREN! They are incredible, pure bundles of joy with an enormous amount of potential. We always form a special bond because I continue to view the world from their perspective. I put all of my positive energy and enthusiasm in everything that I do and DREAM to make your child’s DREAM come true! Being a small part of your child’s life would mean the world to me; I promise to make your special occasion a one to remember, filling it with laughter, magic, and love.




Lauryn Whitt









Adam Laster










Faith Laster











Katelynn Patton











Kylee Patton








2 comments on “Cast Members

  1. My granddaughter Emma had a great Princess Party w/ Cinderella. Had all the girls come in costume and what joy to see their smiling faces and exuberance when they spotted Cinderella & bombarded her outside the door. Even some moms had tears from watching the excitement. Emma’s sister, Clare has been planning her Princess Party since hearing of Em’s…she works on her list daily.. Cinderella was absolutely great and one can tell she enjoyed what she was doing.

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