Party Packages

Princess Packages…..

Choose your  princess party package or create a customized party just for your child!

The packages we offer are…..

Mini Appearance Package: $150. 30 Min……Your chosen princess will provide activities in which you choose that will fit in the 30 min time frame. Some options might be face paint, make-up, nails, craft, be there for the cake ceremony, or assist with the presents, etc

Princess Interactive Story/Treasure Hunt Package: $200. 1 hour. Maximum of 15 guests…….. Your chosen princess will begin by telling an interactive princess story, where your birthday girl will get to be the princess of the story! They will then have a blast playing some fun games, and they will also get to go on a mini-treasure hunt to find a magical key that will unlock a treasure chest full of surprises.  Next, your princess will take turns with everyone and do your choice of a simple face paint design/make-up/nails, while the others are working on a coloring craft.  Finally, each child will get to pick out 3 treasures out of the treasure chest to take home! This package is good for boys and girls and recommended for ages 3 and up.

Princess Make-over/Fashion Show Package: $200 plus an additional $10 per child. 1 hour. Maximum of 15 guests……. Your chosen princess will begin the party with a craft by providing your choice for your guests, with either a princess crown craft or beaded necklace/Fruit Loop necklace craft. While the princesses are busy working on their crafts, your princess will take turns with each guest, fixing their hair into a bun with glitter spray, and also do their  make-up with eye shadow, blush and lipgloss. Next they will get to put on crowns, necklaces, rings and bracelets in which they will get to keep as party favors and take turns walking down a sequined runway for their Princess Fashion Show.  Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Princess Tea Party Package: $200 plus an additional $10 per child. 1 hour. Maximum of 15 guests……Your chosen princess will provide a tea cup craft with your choice of acrylic paint or  permanent markers for decorating. They will also get to decorate a sugar cookie with icing, sprinkles, M&Ms, and mini marshmallows. Next, they will get to dress up with princess accessories provided by the princess and have a Royal Princess Tea party with your choice of “tea”. Cups, Plates and Napkins will also be provided with your choice of paperware or glassware. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Princess Spa Party Package: $200 plus an additional $20 per child. 1 hour. Maximum of 15 guests….. Your chosen princess will provide spa robes and headbands for everyone to take home in which they will wear for their spa party. Next, they will have a blast doing each other’s whipped cream face mask. After this, they will play a Musical Manicures game in which they will pass around a different color of nail polish to princess music and when the music stops, they will paint their nail with whatever color they end up with and repeat this until all nails are painted.  Next, they will get to decorate their own mirrors to take home with your choice of decorating with rhinestones or foam stickers. And while they are doing their craft, the princess will take turns taking off their face mask and will finish off with eyeshadow, blush and lipgloss! Recommended for ages 5 and up.


***You can also have the princess stay longer…….
Premium Package: 1.5 hours. An additional $30. This package includes everything in your chosen package, but the princess will also stay for the cake ceremony!

Grande Package: 2 hours. An additional $50. The Grande Package includes everything in your chosen package, but the princess will stay for the cake ceremony, and assisting in reading of the cards and opening presents! 

Customized Package: You may also customize your child’s party however you would like! 30 min-$150.00; 1 hour-$200.00; 1.5 hours-$230.00; 2 hours-$250.00. There may also be an additional charge for supplies provided.


*Personal photographer: available for the duration of the party | 50 digital photos – $75

*Autographed coloring pages from the princess:$5.00

*Gift for the Birthday Child: $10.00 (Princess/Character themed gift)

*Additional Party Favors with party favor bags: +$5.00 for each child;

*Balloon Animals:$10.00

Additional Princesses$125 for 1 hour; $150 for 1.5 hours, and $175 for 2 hours.


Mascot Characters….

The mascot characters are very limited to what they can do, because they are very bulky, hard to maneuver in, and difficult to see out of. So they are mostly booked for a 30 minute appearance of dancing to themed music with the kids, taking pictures,  just hanging out, and being there for cake and/or presents. Although we do offer an option where you could book a one hour party, and for the first 30 minutes, they would be out of costume and do face paint or any other themed activities chosen, and for the last 30 minutes, have the character entertain with dancing to music provided, taking pictures and being there for the cake ceremony.  

30 min appearance:$150; 1 hour appearance $200

You can also add on a helper who could lead the games, crafts and activities! 

An additional helper with the mascot would be-30 min: $75; 1 hour $100


Superhero Packages….

Interactive Superhero Training Story Package: $200 for 1 hour. Your chosen Superhero will tell an interactive Superhero story in which they will have to go through Superhero training to become like true Superheroes, play superhero themed games, provide a fun obstacle course, and do face painting. Each child will also get to pick out 3 party favor surprises to take home.

Customized Package: You may also customize your child’s party however you would like! 30 min-$150.00; 1 hour-$200.00; 1.5 hours-$230.00; 2 hours-$250.00

***You can also have the Superhero stay longer for the Interactive Package…….

Premium Package: $230. 1.5 hours. This package includes everything in your chosen package, but the Superhero will also stay for the cake ceremony!

Grande Package: $250. 2 hours. The Grande Package includes everything in your chosen package, but the Superhero will stay for the cake ceremony, and assisting in reading of the cards and opening presents!


*Autographed coloring pages from the Superhero:$5.00; *Gift for the Birthday Child: $10.00 (Superhero themed gift);*Additional Party Favors with party favor bags: +$5.00 for each child; Balloon Animals:$10

Booking a party requires a non-refundable deposit, in which will vary according to your chosen package, and can by made through PayPal, or by credit card over the phone. Parties may be rescheduled if needed.

Travel Fees: Parties located outside the Oklahoma City Metro area may be subject to an additional mileage fee. Please contact Kristie Patton at or 405-445-8339 for rates.

We can attend parties at your home, tea room, clubhouse, event center, library, church, school, hotel, or any location you choose!

If you have any questions about availability, package customization, or any other details of your party, please contact Kristie Patton at or 405-445-8339 for more info!



57 comments on “Party Packages

  1. Do elsa sing? My daughter would love just to hear her sing…I only would like her to come just to take some pictures sing the song and say happy birthday to my daughter you think that would be possible I think the 1/2 hour is perfect

    • Yes! I have a couple of Elsa’s that sing!:) Could you tell me the date and time that you were thinking about and I can tell you if it’s available or what we have available:)
      Kristie Patton
      My Princess Party 445-8339

  2. Hello, Cinderella came to my daughter’s party 2 years ago, so excited to see Anna and Elsa. Will call closer to party (nov) Just in planning stage now.

  3. I have twin daughters that are having a party in late July. One likes Aurora and the other Rapunzel. We are having their party at a Bounce place and we only need the princess to make a quick 20-30 appearance. How much would this cost me?

  4. I’m wondering about the cost to do a quick appearance at a birthday in June for Captain America and possibly a few other Avengers. The Party will be in Pauls Valley, Ok so also about the mileage charge.

  5. Do elsa and anna come together? Or do you pay extra? And if i got the basic princess package can they sing as well or is that extra?

    • Hi Sarah! Sorry it took so long to respond! Anna and Elsa do not come together but you can book a basic package and get a second princess at a discounted rate! Check out the Party Packages tab for that info!
      They can definitely do a sing-along as part of the basic package! However, some of our performers are trained singers and can do an extra special performance of one or a couple songs! Please mention that request when you book your party!

  6. I am on the planning stage for my girl’s 6 th BD party. We are going to have it at the ice rin in Edmond. Will Elsa be willing to skate for a little bid with the kids? Nothing elaborated is expected just to be there in the rink with the kids

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